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SALE: 10x6cm (3.9" x 2.4") - 1000pcs

SALE: 10x6cm (3.9" x 2.4") - 1000pcs


Equivalent to approximately 3.9" x 2.4“.
Single or 2 colors are the same price of 1000 stickers.
ONE Design per order.

Now only $250 including shipping to MOST countries.

We can't ship to Mexico, Russia, Chile, Brazil, New Zealand and some other countries due shipping restrictions

Once you've placed your order, please send your designs to Designs must be set to the correct dimensions and of 500dpi or more and in CMYK. Printing takes approximately one week while shipping takes approximately 7-10 working days.

Email us for any inquiries:

Note: Any custom stickers orders printed by Egg Shell Stickers may be used for promotional purposes on our social media platforms. If you would not like your stickers to be posted, please email us at to specify.

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